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Online Marketing

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Social Media Mgmt

Social media is essential for proper exposure, but how do you get your posts in front of a larger audience? The long and the short of it is this: you have to get Facebook to like you. How do you do that? Make engaging posts, interact, and give Facebook your money. But who has time to manage all that? You're busy running a business. That's why I am here. I can make posts for you that are geared to inform potential customers about your business, keep people engaged, and reach more people with your posts.


Social Media Management

Starting at $250/mo

Ad Campaings

Google/Facebook Ad Campaigns

Starting at $200/mo (plus the cost of ads)


Do a Google search for anything. What's the very first thing you see? A search result with a little "AD" beside it right? 

Scroll through your Facebook. Every 4th item you see is an ad.

Don't you want to get in on that action?! But again, who has time for that? I do. With I will not only create ads directed at your target demographics, but I will also revise or revamp ads monthly based on analysis results to make sure we are getting your ad in front of people that want and/or need your products or services. 

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